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I’m writing this article for parents of autistic kids that are struggling day to day trying to discover ways to help their kids. As a proud parent of an autistic kid, I have spent thousands of dollars in supplements, various natural and conventional doctors and testing. As an enthusiastic researcher, I’ve placed forth in this article that the foundation of my research to safely and naturally allow you to help your children.

When beginning a natural path to assist your kids. Dr. Jethro Kloss among the best documenters of alternative medicine described it best. It requires 6 weeks of cure for every year of affliction when using alternative medicine. Homeopathy and Vitamin treatment may pose some immediate improvements that you notice within the first month. It takes time. I have found that most parents give up on a pure therapy as it doesn’t function as quickly as medication. Drugs suppress the issue and

modalities can offer a means to pinpoint the origin of concern within the body that recovers the healing procedure apetamin vitamin.

I write this from the years of frustration and hundreds of hours of study. I’ve made amazing breakthroughs with various all-natural modalities, the majority of which I will present in this report.

My major disagreement with mainstream physicians and medicine is that autism has been treated as a mental matter. I believe anyone treating autism as a psychological ailment is definitely going in the incorrect direction. Autism is treated as a biological illness. Using principles of naturopathic medicine can lend more answers to this growing investigation.

Most professionals and parents have noticed more success in helping autistic kids by treating the digestive ailments, eliminating allergies, environmental toxins, and nutritional diet adjustments.

This area doesn’t incorporate drugs into therapy. The sole exception made for integrating drugs is to be used for a brief time for a rescue from the child harming themselves if they are quite volatile in nature, while in conjunction to implementing natural therapy to taper off of medication.

Autism is indicated with altered central nervous system function and brain function. It begins with erectile dysfunction, allergies, and digestive disorder that can start early in a child’s era. Natural modalities focus in on clearing the gastrointestinal tract which is frequently a mess in autistic kids.

Autistic children excrete great amounts of sulfate in their urine approximately ten times greater than ordinary children. It is a great disservice to offer autistic kids processed foods like sandwich meats, hot dogs, canned products that are high in sulfate additives. Why? Because if an autistic child excretes sulfates it also concurrently pulls out of the body Cysteine. Cysteine is vital in producing glutathione that’s vital for health mind function. Schizophrenia and bi-polar ailments are frequently associated with low glutathione levels. This also causes autistic children to develop and not filter lots of toxins from the body.

Most autistic kids possess the inability to digest protein correctly. This can be indicated with a pancreatic enzyme deficiency. This lends a factor into having digestive and gastrointestinal problems. Diarrhea and constipation are often rotating issues because of their ability to store toxins within the body. There is also”Leaky Gut Syndrome” where there could be little perforations in the gut lining which cause toxins from the gut to flow into the blood stream. This can be noted by signs of lactulose at a stool test, which can readily be given to your child to determine if they have leaky gut. A comprehensive stool analysis can be carried out at the comfort of your own house and delivered into a reputable laboratory for evaluation. A source for testing is Great Plains Laboratory.

A few of the protein fragments bind to opioid receptors in the mind. This result in highly hyperactive behavior, aggressive behavior, and inability to focus, retain attention or memory. These protein fragments out of leaky gut emptying into the blood stream and blocking the opiod receptors within the brain is what compels the abnormal behaviours we observe.

Another neurotoxin that can be inserted into the blood flow from leaky gut syndrome is Claustridium. Researchers in the University of Michigan explain an interesting case where a dog accidentally ate feces from an autistic child and as a result went into a coma for 7 days. “Researchers discovered a high presence of claustridial toxins in the fecal matter of their autistic child.”

Natural Treatment Protocol

I’m still greatly exploring DMSA chelation. DMSA chelation is done to get rid of mercury and other heavy metals. Though parents have reported improvements in behaviour, I don’t feel comfortable reporting some research on it as yet. I had more success with homeopathic chelation for heavy metal poisoning.

The best thing that can be done primarily is remove as many common allergenic foods as possible. This includes corn, wheat, soy and nuts. There are parents who have found success removing dairy and white as well as wheat flour based products.

My child has been on a gluten free diet for four decades. I have eliminated all dairy with the exclusion of parmesan cheese. There have been some great Gluten free recipes creating tasty bites with parmesan. I have found her behaviour to be calmer and focused on this diet. Most parents notice when they inadvertently slip up and give a child something out of the diet context, they observe certain abnormal behaviours return shortly after ingesting gluten or casein. This may vary based upon the level of your child’s ailment.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids are a big must have. Autistic children are nearly always deficient. Omega-3 is essential for normal neurologic development. Dr. Jeff Bradstreet has recomended that 1,000 milligrams daily is a reasonable starting dose, there are a few parents with older children age 11 and up who can go as high as 3,000 milligrams.

Many practitioners endorse this as the foundation of therapy. NAC is a forerunner of glutathione, an essential player in detoxing the major hepatic pathways. Dosage is recommended to begin low at. 25 mg/day and every 3 months increase by 25 mg until you reach up to 200 mg per day.

Probiotics have to be implemented. Some natural doctors wait till severe GI abnormalities are cleared to use them. However, Probiotics are safe for adults and kids of all ages. I wouldn’t suggest waiting. Probiotic supplements are the simplest and safest way to accomplish this.

Children with autism are often deficient. I purchased it from. You have to keep it refrigerated. I gave her one tablespoon full in a Dixie cup mixed with a touch of organic orange syrup (you can purchase flavored syrups from your pharmacist) and in the beginning I could administer it with an oral syringe. Now my daughter takes the Dixie cup on her own. Vitamin C in a Raspberry Flavored beverage powder packet referred to as”Emergen C”. Initially I would just blend 1/2 tsp of the crystals together with the natural orange flavored syrup in an oral syringe. The very best Vitamin E I have discovered is made from Carlson Labs or Solgar. For younger children it’s possible to split one the capsule and mix the 400 IU with natural syrup in case your child does not swallow capsules.

P-5-P also known as Pyridoxal 5′ Phosphate is the coenzyme form of Vitamin B6 that is easily absorbed by the body. I am still conducting research on several kinds of Vitamin B. There’s an area of vitamin B research that’s indicative of which kind of B is ideal for your child based upon their condition. For today I can safely advocate pyridoxal 5 phosphate. I will create additional research on the effective modality of taking vitamin B complex in an upcoming article. Pyridoxal 5 phosphate is vital to neurotransmitter brain equilibrium.

Zinc picolinate is required to encourage both melatonin and dopamine in the brain. Zinc-deficient children tend to be irritable, depressed and difficult to calm. Autistic patients are often deficient in magnesium, zinc, and calcium. Calcium and Magnesium are best taken in powder form at bed time using zinc picolinate. I’ve written an article on Associated Content which clarifies the significance of taking calcium together with the ideal way to do it. Pycnogenol, derived from French pine trees, also L-theanine, generated from green tea, has been effective in improving cognitive functioning and helping to produce a calm but concentrated attention. The very best type of L- theanine I’ve found is that a chewable orange flavored tablet made by Dr. Michael Murray of Focus Factors.

Co-enzyme Q10, also DMAE (dimethyl aminoethanol) are also suggested for healthy brain receptor function. Some natural practitioners implement to this L-carnitine and/or L-carnosine. I’m still researching the effectiveness o f L-carnitine and L-carnosine. There are tests which show autistic kids with liver dysfunction. Milk Thistle is also the recommended mode for cleaning and detoxifying the liver. However, I have not fully evaluated this therapy procedure.

Selenium can be taken at a dose of 25 mcg/day.

I have just named off many recommendations. You’re probably wondering how you are going to get your child to take all of these things a day. Most parents treating their children under natural protocols administer up to 30-68 different distinct items per day. If your child can consume capsules you split the dosages and choose two-three times per day.

I’ve broken this down believing the recommendations made above taken with breakfast are the optimal time to be consumed and absorbed within the body.

If you child Doesn’t swallow capsules

They mix it in a frozen flavored syrup from your regional pharmacy. Flavored syrups used in drinks ( vanilla, strawberry etc.) also do the job also.

You will find natural compounding pharmacies that could formulate this into 1-2 capsules for your son or daughter. But I suggest taking them as separate components for your first month, in the event you need to adjust doses so that you can best what your kid needs prior to compounding the formula.

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