Learning English at home has never been easier or more interesting


We all know how important it is to speak English. However, not all people are good at speaking it. At school I was a total loser, and I never had a desire to learn foreign languages.

Later, it turned out that I would need English for work

nauka angielskiego w domu

. Employers demanded that I learn English as soon as possible, but I did not have much time for it. Schools and language courses were very time-consuming, so I hoped that learning English at home was a good idea. It turned out that I was right.


      1. How did it occur to me to learn English at home?


The work I do does not leave me much free time. I always tried to spend my free time with my loved ones. So I decided to find a method by which I could learn English while sitting at home with my family.


I immediately dismissed all schools and foreign language courses. First of all, learning takes too long. Secondly, the lecturer can not devote himself/herself to one particular student because he/she has to focus on the whole group. We are not all able to learn at the same pace, so this was one of the reasons why I decided to abandon this method of learning English. So I had to learn English at home .


When looking for methods of learning English at home, I came across the Pingulingo book. It seemed interesting to me, so I decided to take a closer look at it.


I was speechless after I did a little research. Reading the experience of many users, I learned that the Pingulingo book helps:


  • Mastering a foreign language regardless of age and knowledge previously acquired,
  • In giving a motivation to learn,
  • Understanding English grammar.


This is just a small part of what Pingulingo does. It has become clear to me that Pingulingo is the method I need to learn English at home – nauka angielskiego w domu.


I did not hesitate for a moment and immediately ordered it. I was told that the book will be delivered within 2-3 business days and I can say that this was true.


      1. Learning English at home could start


At first glance, the book seemed to be like any other. However, delving into its content, I understood that it can not be compared with any of the books I have been using to study.


The learning itself was so simple that I could not believe it. My vocabulary became richer every day. I felt that I was becoming a different person, although I did not spend much time studying. Sometimes I was learning an hour, sometimes only 30 minutes, but progress was visible.


When my wife saw what progress I had made in such a short time, she decided to study with me. A month later, English could be heard more and more in our home. This way, we check the acquired knowledge every day. We started to listen to foreign music, and we watch movies without subtitles. We’ve both made really good progress.

For this reason, I decided to tell you my story. Everyone should know about the existence of Pingulingo. If you have not yet been able to imagine learning English at home, I am sure that you will quickly change your mind when you start using the Pingulingo book.

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